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Hustle & Cashflow exists to redefine financial success for Black, Indigenous, and millennial women of colour by providing them with the resources, tools, courses and community they need to own their financial futures, build their financial confidence, and unlock financial sovereignty.


We are a Black women owned modern financial media and education brand created for Black, Indigenous and women of colour. Our aim is to empower, represent and inform our audience through authentic experiences and honest resourceful advice about all things related to money, financial elevation, and personal development.


We envision a world where millennial women are fully in control of their financial futures, and prioritize financial sovereignty so that they are empowered to design, create, and live a life in alignment with their mission and purpose.


Nyibol Lual is the founder and H.B.I.C. of Hustle & Cashflow. As a natural-born go-getter, her desire for a safe haven made for Black, Indigenous, and womxn of colour to discuss money, financial troubles and financial elevation has blossomed into a one-of-a-kind financial media and education platform for millennial women seeking financial enlightenment and financial sovereignty.

Her own journey began after tirelessly researching strategies to pay-off debt, build wealth and achieve financial independence after graduating with $30,000 in student loan debt. With her background in neuroscience and mental health and her personal financial experiences she is able to talk about money, and its impact on millennial womxn’s mental health. She makes money and personal finance topics more accessible to diverse communities and she does so with compassion and empathy having dealt with her own financial struggles.